Setting the Schedule

The last few art shows of my season are always the most fun. Arts, Beats & Eats; Art & Apples and the Common Ground show in Birmingham are close to home and enjoy great fall weather. We close out the year with another favorite, the Peoria Art Guild's Fine Art Fair. Come see the new work!

Getting into shows is much more involved than most people think. We, as artists, apply yearly to most of the shows we do. After filling out an application, sending in our slides and a check, a jury looks over our work and passes judgement as to whether or not we get to come back again this year.

Once we've been accepted, we pay a booth fee for the space at the show. If we're lucky, the show staff is helpful, friendly and cares about the artists. Everything else we bring with us -- the tents, the display panels, the bins, and most importantly, the work.

So when you see me at the next show you attend, say hi, and stop in for an eyeful of this year's fantastic new work. When you can't get to a show, know that you can always come to my virtual show, here online!

May 2017

Art Festival Schedule 2017

 Show  Location  Dates  Booth
Art Studio Clearance Sale Columbus OH Jan 28-29 314
Bayou City Memorial Park Houston TX Mar 24-26 628
Ridgeland Fine Arts Festival Ridgeland, MS Apr 1-2 43
Brookside Art Annual Kansas City, MO May 5-7 182
ArtBirmingham Birmingham, MI May 13-14 16
Old Capitol Art Fair Springfield, IL May 20-21 102-103
Webster Art Fair Webster Groves, MO Jun 2-4 407-408
Krasl Art Fair St. Joseph, MI Jul 8-9 192
Ann Arbor Street Art Fair
(the Original)
Ann Arbor, MI Jul 20-23 A307
Fine Art at the Village Rochester Hills, MI Aug 5-6 TBD
Golden Fine Art Festival Golden, CO Aug 19-20 TBD
Evergreen Fine Art Festival Evergreen, CO Aug 26-27 TBD
Arts, Beats & Eats Royal Oak, MI Sep 1-4 TBD
Art & Apples
Rochester, MI Sep 8-10 TBD
Common Ground's
Birmingham Street Art Fair
Birmingham, MI Sep 16-17 TBD

These are the shows that are on the schedule so far this year. As shows continue to report jury results, I will add them to the schedule, along with confirmed booth numbers. Hope to see you soon!